AYU De-Stress Online Program

About the Program

Welcome to the AYU De-Stress Program. During these 3 weeks, we are going to work together on understanding your stress triggers. Together we will create a simple yet effective health plan gearing towards relaxation, focus and creativity. You will be able to access this program for 30 days. This is to help you stay committed to your goal within the given timeline.

Program Structure

  • Learn to identify stress triggers and proactively manage them.
  • Experience the health benefits of deep relaxation
  • Gain clarity and focus needed to enhance your creativity


12 Lessons

Week 1 : Health Form and Online Consultation

Health Form
Your unique mind-body type
QUIZ : Match the stress triggers for each Dosha type
Energy Exercise : Spend 15 – 20 minutes daily to do these relaxation exercises.
Summary for Week 1

Week 2 : Focus on Food

Week 3 : Your Life regimen


Enrolment validity: 30 days