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How should I prepare myself for the program?

Preparing for Ayurvedic Wellness Programs requires an open-minded approach to holistic healing, meaning healing at all levels- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

During the program, you will be receiving personalised and expert guidance on many levels, making necessary lifestyle adjustments, and dietary changes.

It’s a deeply transformative process and may require time and patience as you may experience a “healing crisis”, meaning you may feel side effects as the body is re-balancing itself.

The goal is to help you achieve optimal energy by increasing your “Ojas” or immunity and eliminating “Ama” or toxic wastes from all levels.

On the physical level, it is advisable to prepare your medical reports and blood tests and share them with your Doctor.

Keeping a journal to record your body and mind reactions to various therapies and dietary intake that will be part of your wellness regimen is very helpful.