Online Health Consultation

We have introduced a 60-minute online health consultation so you can speak to your doctor about your health concerns through a video chat. It is a good alternative if you cannot visit us in person.

Pre Consultation

Before the consultation, you will fill out your health form. After carefully reviewing the submitted document, your doctor will send you a confirmation email for the online appointment.

During Consultation

Your doctor begins by discussing your health form with you. Physical aches and pains in the body are identified and recorded. Detailed information about your long-term health discomforts, medications and daily routine is encouraged. Your moods and emotional responses are as important in giving a holistic view of your health condition. Based on these findings, your doctor shares with you the nature of your health imbalance and gives you remedies to regain vigour.

Post Consultation

You will receive an email with a personalized nutrition and life regimen program to follow. Suggestions are highly personalized and based on extensive experience in treating people through simple yet very effective changes in diet and lifestyle. Feel free to write and ask should you require further support.

Cost for 60 minutes session is USD 150 or Thai Baht 5,000
Online Health Form