AYU Rejuvenate Online Wellness Program


About the Program

The objective of this six-month program is to treat chronic health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, allergies, addiction, depression, constipation, insomnia, knee pain, cervical pain, hip pain, high blood pressure and post-surgery rehabilitation that have a long duration. Chronic health conditions generally have a progressive nature that compels the patient to go on with heavy medication probably all through their life.

We start by identifying your unique “Energy Type”, understanding current health imbalances and preparing a personalised health plan to regain optimum health and harmony.



  • Initial 60 min Health Consultation
  • 5 Follow up 30 min Health Consultations
  • Access to healing technique videos created by Dr Rajeev Marwah
  • Your personalized nutrition plan
  • Your life regimen or daily routine suggestions
  • 6 months priority support answering questions posted by you in your dashboard