Energy Balance (Nadi Chikitsa) Session 150 minutes



Energy Balance is an ancient healing system. Our body’s surface has energy points and corresponding energy lines or meridians. These 14 significant lines contain a colourless, free-flowing, non-cellular fluid that conveys electrical energy throughout the body. Modern science has mapped these circuits through advanced technology to track them thermally, electronically and radioactively. Thus our body carries both positive and negative electromagnetic circuits, also called body polarity. Energy balancing is done by tracing the body’s meridians in their natural direction or backwards, depending on whether that meridian needs to be stimulated or sedated to readjust to its state of natural balance. The pulse point balancing technique realigns significant energy centres in the body. Each energy centre has vital pulse points that work in rhythmic unison. The specialist works on these points to bring them in balance.

At AYU Center, Energy Balance Sessions are combined with Basti sessions and last 2.5 hours.

Around 250 ml of warm oil infused with rich herbs is combined with special fresh rice and milk bundles to elicit a deeply rejuvenated response from your body’s nervous system.

Techniques, treatment rhythm and applied pressure are all personalised to meet your health needs.