Special Promotion : Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient science of health and healing that originated in India. Ayurveda teaches us the importance of a balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit to achieve robust health. New to Ayurveda? We have created a special opportunity for you to experience this person focused introductory program. You will gain a thorough health orientation/consultation with our experienced holistic doctor, followed by a personalized  Marma therapy session. Only 100% natural ingredients are used in our therapies.  There is no artificial manipulation or stimulation of any kind. This introductory program lasts 3.5 hours.

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Introduction to Ayurveda

Re-discover your potential and enjoy a life of vitality.
THB15000 THB9900
  • 90 minutes Health Check and Consultation
  • 90 minutes Personalized Body Marma therapy
  • 30 minutes Personalized Shiro Therapy for head,neck and shoulders
  • Use of special High Powered Magnets
  • Healthy and nutritious AYU Meal set after the treatment
Sharon Hart
Co-Founder of Coherent Coaching Institute

I came to Chiang Mai with my entire family, for all of us to do Read more

Dr. Zeljko Milovanovic
MD – San Francisco, California

I will never forget when Dr. Rajeev stated at our first intake appointment – “We Read more

Frank Chura
Retired Executive, U.S. Airforce, NATO

I came to Rajeev and Suchada Marwah’s Ayurvedic Treatment Center for my initial evaluation more Read more

Hope you had a good experience at the AYU Center.

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