Vedic Astrology Session

Vedic Astrology Session

This report aims to identify your unique strengths, understand your shortcomings, and recognize major and subtle influences in your life. It helps you plan and take charge of your life. As your awareness of who you are and why you are here grows, there is a shift in your consciousness or how you see and understand things. The more you begin to understand yourself, the better you can plan your life.

Astrology is like using a road map to navigate your way around. You are in charge of which direction you will take.

We offer a personalized report with details about the following:

1.Your “Dosha” type or biological/ metabolic constitution. 

2. Your Birth Star or Nakshatra and how it influences your thoughts and feelings. 

3. Your Life Path - Vedic astrology points out your life purpose based on your Ascendant and Moon position. Knowing your purpose helps you align your unique talents in the right direction.

4. List of Planetary Combinations causing “Yogas” - showing opportunities and challenges.

The report will be prepared by Dr Suchada Marwah in pdf format and sent to you via email.

After receiving your report, you may schedule a 60-minute zoom session to discuss and understand your birth chart.

To proceed, please fill up the form in the next column. Upon submitting the form, you will be given a link to complete the payment process.

Cost USD 250

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