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  • 60 minutes Online Health Consultation (TELEHEALTH)


    Online Health Consultation Service that allows you to speak to your doctor about your health concerns via video chat. This service is a great alternative to in-person consultation or if you are new to holistic health management.

  • 90 minutes Complete Health Check Session


    This is a 90-minute Specialised Consultation by an experienced and certified Ayurvedic Doctor.
    A detailed and personalised treatment plan is created based on the diagnosis and findings in this session.
    * Pulse reading,
    * Muscle Trigger Point Check,
    * Tongue, Eye, Nail Diagnosis,
    * Energy Flow Check
    (You are encouraged to bring your x-rays and other medical and blood reports.)

  • 60 minutes Nutrition Counseling Session


    Nutrition Counselling sessions focus on giving you professional guidance in nutrition and setting up your lifestyle regimen in such a way that it is enjoyable, sustainable and most importantly shows beneficial health results.


    • Expert Guidance
    • Builds immunity (Ojas)
    • Personal Nutrition Plan
    • Personal Lifestyle Regimen


  • 60 minutes Life Coaching Session


    Our specialist guides you in optimising your personalised Dinachariya or Daily Routine Chart tailored to your unique Dosha type, to enhance your energy flow.