De-Stress With AYU

Experience deep physical relaxation.

AYU De-Stress program provides an experience of deep relaxation and harmony by treating with time-tested natural therapies that elicit a tranquil response from your body’s nervous system.

3 Days Wellness Program

Our bodies and minds can get stressed for various reasons. It could be due to improper nutrition, a demanding lifestyle or discord in relationships. Health triggers like sluggish metabolism, lower abdominal bloating, neck stiffness, knee pain, skin sensitivity, high blood pressure, constant thinking, irritability and mood swings are indications of stress.

Highlights of the Program

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We believe that everyone is unique. As such, their sensitivity to various factors like food, climate changes, air pollution, noise, etc. is different. Their emotional responses to life situations will also be different. Therefore, our health and wellness programs are tailored individually to reflect and respect this uniqueness.

AYU oils are formulated for specific health issues relevant to our present-day lifestyle and living environment. The objective is to continue developing the oils in every way – finer quality, more pleasing aroma, and, most importantly, longer lasting therapeutic value.

Our oils have successfully treated conditions such as insomnia, migraine, hypertension, allergies, constipation, fatigue, jet lag, swelling, and joint conditions. The oils also help promote anti-ageing, control cellulite, prevent hair loss, and restore healthy, youthful skin.

AYU oils are 100% natural and use seasonally selected, pure essential oils extracted from vital herbs and flowers, combined with the medicinal value of minerals, and blended together with the finest quality carrier oils – sesame, coconut, sunflower, sweet almond, wheat germ. The oils are formulated to have high penetrating power into the skin, thus giving you the best active nutrients to maintain a healthy balance of the body and mind.

Our global sourcing team selects only the finest, seasonal ingredients, paying close attention to what, when, and how each ingredient is harvested and handled. We only buy what our R&D team approves and uses on themselves.

In Ayurveda, the ancient science of healthy living, Ojas is the pure essence or quality of energy that gives us vitality and immunity. On a cellular level, it imparts strength for growth and rejuvenation.

When Ojas is flowing optimally within us, we feel happy, healthy, wise and free.

You can observe the effectiveness and success of your program by recording signs of strong Ojas on a weekly basis.

Signs of Strong Ojas
I wake up fresh in the morning with no aches, pains and stiffness.
My breathing is deep and rhythmic.
My skin has a healthy glow
My tongue is clear and pink
My body feels light, regardless of my weight
My eyes are bright and lively
My bowel movements are regular and complete
I feel joyful & enthusiastic

Holistic means balance in every area of your life and seeing yourself in your entirety – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Holistic Healing is recognizing that you are Soul or Life Force and you have a mind and a body. We believe that every individual is unique. All manifested health conditions are symptoms. To completely and permanently treat any health disorder, the emotional, cultural, habitual and spiritual influences of each person must be integrated into the health plan. 


AYU 3 Days De-Stress Wellness Program