60 Minutes Session. THB 5000

Life Coaching Session

This is a Specialised Consultation by an Experienced and Certified Ayurvedic Doctor.

The first step is to assess your current lifestyle – are you in rhythm with your Dosha or constitution?
Your daily routine is essential for creating positive changes in the body, mind, and consciousness. It aids in maintaining balance in your Dosha by enhancing digestion, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients in the bodily channels.
This goal-oriented approach  cultivates discipline and commitment, which brings about improved self-esteem and well-being.

Highlights of this session include the following check-ups 

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Sharon Hart, Co-Founder of Coherent Coaching Institute

I came to Chiang Mai with my entire family, for all of us to do the Ayurveda treatment program with Dr. Rajeev in November of 2013.  My energy and vitality were so low that I had to fly to three separate cities from the U.S. because I could not make the 20 hour direct flight Read more

Sharon Hart Co-Founder of Coherent Coaching Institute

Dr. Zeljko Milovanovic MD – San Francisco, California

I will never forget when Dr. Rajeev stated at our first intake appointment – “We will try to make this the best week of your life” – well the 1 week treatment at the Ayu Center sure lived up to its promise; I came with the main expectation to improve my physical well being; little Read more

Dr. Zeljko Milovanovic MD – San Francisco, California

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