How does Ayurveda treat excessive air in the body?

An imbalanced Vata condition means excess air in the body’s energy channels, leading to poor circulation, joint pains, dryness, chronic constipation that may lead to haemorrhoids, anxiety, insomnia and dry coughs. There may be sciatic pain which will also cause pain in the lower back region. This will result in fatigue. Emotionally, you may experience anxiety, insomnia and fear.

Our Approach

We use rejuvenating or life-giving herbs to nourish the nervous system and re-balance your body’s energies. Medicated oils, herbal grains and rice boluses will be used to soothe the nerves. 

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Approach

  • Intake of carbohydrates daily (1 meal) and green leafy vegetables will facilitate proper movement of bowels, thereby bettering the body’s digestion. 
  • Fruits such as bananas and apples are recommended. (Do not eat fruits immediately after a meal)
  • Avoid fried foods that take a long time to digest. 
  • While sleeping, lie straight on your back. 
  • Brisk walking daily for 15-20 minutes.

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