What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is one of the most common chronic and generative diseases. It involves pain and the weakening of the bones.

Why does Arthritis occur?

Lack of exercise or improper nutrition may lead to poor colon function, which causes the accumulation of “AMA” or toxins in the body transported to the joints. Arthritis may also be caused by injury. Arthritis is more common in damp and cold climates.

Emotional reactions and mental habits like anxiety, fear, nervousness, insomnia and irritability can also lead to arthritis as they constrict, cause tension or reverse the natural directional flow of energies within the body.

What can arthritis lead to?

Depending on your “Dosha” or energy type, you could experience the following group of symptoms.

AIR or VATA TYPES will experience constipation, gas or abdominal distention, lower back pain, stiffness.

FIRE or PITTA TYPES will experience inflammation, swelling, fever or burning sensation, sweating, loose bowel movements.

WATER or KAPHA TYPES may see swelling around the joints, heaviness with dull aching, congestion in the chest and mucus in the stool.

Preventive measures

  • Regular elimination is a must. The colon should be kept clean.
  • Regular body massages with nourishing oils help loosen stiff joints, clear toxins, strengthen tissues and relieves pain.
  • Hot baths in mineral salts, like Epsom salt, can soothe the joints and help draw out toxins.
  • Practice breathing exercises or “pranayama” and yoga.
  • Nature walks or spending quiet time with yourself in nature is very beneficial.
  • Listening to relaxing sounds in nature.
  • Stay focused on the present by practising gratitude.

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